EnergyWorks provides efficiency services to help families and businesses


Save Money! Save Energy! Save the Planet!


Working with utility companies to implement their energy efficiency programs, EnergyWorks is able to deliver low and no-cost services that can save our customers hundreds of dollars each year.


Since 2010, we have provided services to over 10,000 families and hundreds of businesses in southern New Mexico and west Texas. In addition to the energy savings, our customers enjoy a more comfortable and healthier space to live and work.


EnergyWorks appreciates our unique opportunity to serve our customers, our community and our planet. We recognize that how we operate our business is a force for good and we produce a positive impact on our staff, our customers, our community and our environment.


We are committed to:

  1. Creating Great Jobs - EnergyWorks' jobs are careers with great pay, training, and benefits.
  2. Fighting Climate Change - Our services directly fight climate change by reducing energy consumption, our products are environmentally friendly, and  we offset our own carbon footprint by assisting conservation efforts.
  3. Creating Economic Development - We buy Made-in-the-USA products from local suppliers, and we create good, fulfilling jobs.
  4. Supporting the Community - EnergyWorks provides support to a variety of community organizations and causes.

EnergyWorks Staff & Family


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